For the related Age of Empires II unit, see Scout Cavalry.

AgeTool Age
Trained atStable
Cost 100 Food

The Scout in Age of Empires is an early, fast unit primarily used for exploration. It has minimal offensive capabilities and little armour although it is fast enough to escape combat taking little damage. It's sight range is very large making it most effective as a border patrol unit rather than direct assault. It can also at a pinch be used as a sneak attack unit, utilising its speed to get in, deal damage and escape before reinforcements arrive, although with its little armour it is very vulnerable to enemy fire, especially ranged attacks. It can be trained from the Stable. The range of this particular unit can be upgraded once a certain age is fully researched.

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An important innovation in military tactics was the provision of skirmish, or light, troops that scouted ahead of the main body when an army was on the move. While it was important to form solid, disciplined ranks of spearmen or other infantry for the shock of hand-to-hand combat, these dense formations were vulnerable to surprise. It was the function of scouts to keep the army commander informed of the tactical situation and locate enemies so the main body was brought into combat at the right place and time. At the Battle of Kadesh in 1275 BC, Ramesses II of Egypt did not investigate reports that the Hittite army was far to the north. Instead he advanced one of his four divisions across the Orontes River and was attacked while his second was still crossing. The battle was a tie, but the lack of proper scouting had put the Egyptian army in jeopardy.

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